G & C Enclosures

HCK & RH Heating Sytems
" HCK" Heating Systems
The "HCK" heating system consists of waterproof self regulating heat cable originally designed for de-icing gutters and downspouts. The cable end is supplied with crimp connectors and a fitting for a NEMA 4 junction box. The heat cable is attached to the piping and assembly in a single run (not wrapped) with furnished nylon ties. Closed cell neoprene insulation is furnished for the risers and is wrapped and tied with furnished nylon ties.

"RH" Heating Systems

The "RH" heating system consists of a radiant heater factory wired to a NEMA 4X thermostat and attached to an aluminum-mounting bracket. The heater, thermostat and bracket are ETL listed as a unit for use in damp or wet locations. Another important element of the "RH" heating system is the foil-faced insulation used in the Water Safe enclosure. The radiant energy emitted by the Water Safe heater is reflected by the foil and is readily absorbed by the backflow assembly and piping.

Both of these heating systems were tested by the University of Southern California School of Engineering Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research Laboratory and passed the certification requirements for the ASSE 1060 "Freeze Protection Capability Test". The purpose of this test is to determine if the heat source contained in each (Class I) enclosure is capable of maintaining 4 C (40 F) inside the enclosure when subjected to -34 C (-30 F) outside air temperature.